New year, new you!

Happy 2014!!  Well, its about this time of year that people start losing sight of their New Year resolutions. I get it, its overwhelming. You don’t get the instant gratification of fast results and give up.. Its okay, you’re not alone.

Don’t give up, just have some patience.. If you’ve been abusing (harsh word, yes, but you’d be surprised!) your body with toxic thoughts and foods for years, then  that’s just what its used to!! Its going to need time to heal from all the unhealthy lifestyle choices you’ve been making throughout your life.

Have hope!! Its never too late.. Shine light on that darkness and start over TODAY.. take a deep breath and tell yourself YOU are in charge. You’ve got this!! Just start with making one small simple change today, do that one small thing consistently and you’ll see how it’ll turn to habit in no time!!

Make the choice  to take care of the temple that is your body, make this the year, the year to take back your health  🙂

Own it!! Love the skin you’re in.. Xoxxo!!